How To Use Website Design To Double Your Sales

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The key constant to success is innovation when it comes to online retail. With trends coming and going in a matter of days, it’s essential to be a part of that hustle. The last thing you want is to be left out of the loop. This philosophy applies to all aspects of the digital market beyond just sales.

Your website design is one area where many people underestimate the importance of sales. Just as physical stores need to be renovated, so do websites. This article will run down some of how you can use improvements to website designs to boost sales. Aside from following trends, we will also talk about general improvements.

Why Is Website Design Important?

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For some people, upgrading their website design might be low on their priorities for their online business. After all, once you have everything up and running, there aren’t many reasons to change it.

Your website will still function fine years later. If anything, making significant changes might harm functionality as you risk changing the proven formula.

However, retail is a business about changes and trends, and there will always be something new or exciting that gets people’s attention. This idea doesn’t just apply to your products but also your website.

Like with new products, there are trends with designs and styles that can gain popularity and views. You can’t afford to ignore these trends and get stuck in your ways. For a business, that’s all about keeping in touch with those trends.

This is the cover of your brand and the first thing people see, so you need to make sure it leaves an impression. Aside from that, it is how your customers gain access to the services and products. To make sure that it goes by smoothly, you need to keep your website updated with new tools and designs.

Ways Website Design Can Improve Sales

Take Advantage of New Customization Options

Some aesthetics are simply out of date when it comes to web design. The first websites on the internet had very basic appearances with minimal backgrounds and designs and for good reason. In the early days, they had very limited options for customization. However, it didn’t matter because having a website was impressive enough.

However, if you see a website like that now, it is almost certainly off-putting. Web design capabilities are far more advanced now, and you have so many options to place whatever styles and images you want. With these tools at your disposal, you can make the design exciting and unique as you want.

If you don’t take advantage, it can leave your website looking outdated. Customers might think that you are not investing your resources in improving your content so why should they look at it.

Improve Response Functions

A website doesn’t just need to be pretty, it also needs to be functional. People go there to learn about your store and hopefully shop. When they do that there are a lot of factors you have to plan for, such as using a mobile or if they have questions.

Your website should allow users to go through these different functions seamlessly. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds, and it shouldn’t have too many steps. Thankfully there are many tools and buttons you can use to help.

Things like a chatbox or a help button can allow your customer to resolve issues without breaking from their browsing. However, you should also use these in moderation. If they appear too in your face about it, the information might be overwhelming and turn customers off.

For people who are used to having easy access to all information, using these can create a good experience for them. When they are satisfied with the service, they are more likely to return and shop again.

Organize Navigation

As you add more and more content to your website, you also need to integrate them with your existing data. If your website design is too cluttered, it can hurt functionality. Many people will be less willing to stick around if they have difficulty finding anything and the content isn’t connected. About 60% of users won’t try a website after a bad experience

Updating your website design allows for this since you can link newer articles with older ones. Aside from that, it will enable you a chance to organize all your data. Depending on your website’s information, you can use tags, search engines, or drop-down menus for the process.

Apple is an excellent example of how fantastic website design for navigation. Looking at their menu, Apple only has a handful of categories, but these encompass all their products. That means users can search through them and find what they’re looking for without much effort.

This makes finding the content they want and new items more accessible. You should update this every few months to ensure all the content remains up to date and connected.

Avoid Too Much Content

Just as too little content can look unattractive on your website, too much can be overwhelming. Your customers’ eyes can only focus on so many things at a time, and filling your page with media can be distracting.

Instead, good web design focuses on guiding your customers to the sections you want them to see. One way to do this is by making use of white spaces.

White spaces are a design technique that places crucial information on a white background on a website. Since white looks naturally clean, your audiences will be drawn to these areas and read the text you have,

By mixing this with other media such as pictures and videos, your website will balance being informative and interesting to look at.

Improve Loading Speeds

While not directly related to your web design, loading speed is something that you have to consider when creating a website. This factor ties in with the idea of balancing functionality and appearances. There are plenty of people who make their websites with so many beautiful designs and content, and the issue is that all this content affects how well it functions.

No one will bother using your website if the loading speed takes forever. Scientific research shows that 3 out of 4 users will click off if loading speeds assume more than a few seconds.

When designing your website, you have to find a balance between these factors. If your content and design overburden your website, you should consider cutting things back. Removing some pictures or choosing content that requires less data are some examples.

For that reason, many e-commerce websites go for a minimalist look. The design still looks easy on the eyes, but it doesn’t require as much content. This ties in with white space designs as the system uses similar design philosophy.

Use Landing Pages

When we think of product pages on an E-commerce website, they are usually quite simple. You will find the description, price, reviews, and other necessary information. The focus here is to make a sale as briefly as possible.

A landing page is an entire web page focusing on your product. Aside from saying what it is, it goes into length. Many landing pages talk about product development and what goes into it, and they will talk about how people use their experiences.

In short, a landing page doesn’t just make a sale, and it provides an experience and tells a story. Many landing pages may try to appeal to a specific market or address concerns about the product.

A system like that is excellent for targeting specific audiences because it is likely to score higher on SEO. That means customers will likely stumble across it while searching the internet.

Another critical aspect of a landing page is a clear call to action. Although its methods are different from a product page, the end goal is just the same, to make a sale. You are still showing off what your product is about, so you should end it by giving them the option to support you.

 Provide Social Affirmation

With the rise of fake news and misinformation running rampant across the internet, more and more people are skeptical about what they hear. They will no longer just buy a product because the website tells them to. Instead, many customers require social affirmation.

This trend means they want to see other people who can affirm similar experiences to confirm your claim. With influencers and reviewers becoming popular, people now rely on them when buying a product,

That is why adding social interaction to your website can help. Review sections are standard methods that customers use. Look on any product page, and there are plenty of reviews, and there is no reason to skip out on that either.

Next, some companies post videos of influencers or customers who review their content. If people base their decision on what influencers say, why not bring it to them.


In short, web design serves more than just being a pretty cover page for your content. A website is where people will determine if they will buy for you or not, and it is closer to a test where people will decide if your website is a place they want to waste their time on.

Customers will look at everything, including its appearance, content, and functionality, even if they don’t realize it. Instead, it is up to you to consider everything when creating your website.


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