Mobile APP Development

Why do businesses need an app?

Our phone is something WE SIMPLY CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT and like it or not its one of the most important things in our lives!

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Phones have become an integral part of peoples lives

The average person is never more then 10 feet away from their mobile phone. It’s a surprise that we still call them “phones” because we use them for everything: to organize our lives, manage our workload, socialize with friends, browse the internet, capture special moments, research, read, play, purchase, connect, create, learn, watch, laugh, listen, navigate, follow and ENGAGE!

Most effective marketing tool of the 21st century

Mobile internet has overtaken desktop internet usage. 53% of people looking for local business information searches from their mobile phone, and this number is constantly growing. Even TV advertising is not as effective these days. 86% of mobile internet users are using their phones while watching TV. Large organizations have understood the power of mobile marketing and have been effectively utilizing it for several years…but now it’s time for all businesses to have a mobile app development agency build you an app!

Reasons why businesses should have an app

An app makes it easier to promote your products (or services)

It will help you contact and engage with your customers

It allows your customers to give feedback

It can help you sell more products / services



Benefits of Building An App

There are plenty of benefits to building an app and those benefits are not only really good for your business but amazing for your customers too.


Brand Awareness

Benefits to the Business

One way to ensure your business continues to grow is by raising brand awareness. People don’t just care about products anymore. Even if you have a solid product, they also want it from a reputable brand. For your business to thrive, it needs to have a strong brand that people will remember.

On average we look at our mobile phones over 150 times per day so the Benefits To Owning An App are obvious to see.

Apps can help stick out and remain in people’s minds. When using an app, customers will only focus on your brand, which makes remembering easier. It also does it in a way that isn’t invasive and where people learn about your brand organically without realizing they are being advertised.

Having the app on your screen means your customers will always be able to see your brand whenever they look through their phones. Exposure like that is natural and highly effective at leaving an impression. Whatever else they will say about your brand, customers will remember it.

Additionally, when people have apps on their phones, they take the time to organize and arrange them to suit their preferences. People are more willing to use apps they take the time to organize, which means they are more likely to use your brand if they have it as an app.

Benefits to the Customer

These days, a mobile phone is one of the essential devices in your customers’ lives. They use it for everything from shopping to research, thanks to the ability to personalize your phone. Apps are an excellent example because they can stand out much more than websites.

Having an app can make you seem more professional and give you a sense of exclusivity because customers choose you above other apps. That relationship will be much stronger than just a standard website.

Build Reputation

Benefits to the Business

These days, everyone has a website or Facebook page, and it isn’t that impressive anymore. An app, however, still has a sense of exclusivity because not everyone has one.

With few businesses maintaining apps, they are still seen as the cutting edge of technology. That sends a clear message, that someone willing to invest time to create an app, they can be pretty reputable. Even now, you only see large corporations using an app for the most part due to how expensive they can be.

However, running an app is becoming much cheaper in recent years. Even smaller businesses can get in on it if they know what they’re doing thanks to new software. You can join this exclusive club and make your app by finding the right resources.

Local Internet Space makes it affordable for any Business to increase their businesses reputation and get ahead of their competition. And effectively the REAL benefit being that you will increase repeat AND referred business by increasing your reputation.

Benefits to the Customer

A good reputation like this is what many customers look for, and they want a brand they can be proud of following and wouldn’t mind promoting. A strong reputation leads to more trust, making them feel more inclined to support you.

For customers, brands are status symbols, and they are their way to show off a bit to make customers look well-off or ahead of the game with their knowledge. A new app is one way they can feel that because of how it can impress their friends.

Promote Instantly

Benefits to the Business

It’s safe to say that most ads and marketing campaigns today are annoying. Emails and banner ads are slow and come at moments when your customers don’t want them. Even if they see it, there is no way to be sure they’ll make the call to action.

However, push notifications on your phone are a different story. For one, they are much harder to ignore since your customer will see them when they open their phone.

Customers’ phones are also more accessible because people are always on their phones. You will have an easier time reaching them at anytime whether it’s during recreation or work.

Notifications also have less competition because you only need to compete with what’s on their phone and not the whole internet. More importantly, these are notifications customers want to receive. If they’re going to hear from your app, they leave messages, so they are less likely to ignore them.

Posting a few notifications a few times a day can keep their attention.

Are you planning on running an event? Broadcast it a week before, then a day before. Then use a push message to remind people an hour before and then 5 minutes before! Push notifications are unlimited and entirely up to you how you use them.

The only other medium like this is SMS. Which is extremely costly and people tend to only scan read promotional SMS message nowadays.

Benefits to the Customer

For customers, the last thing they want is to miss a sweet deal or promotion while working on something else. That’s why having notifications is critical for specific apps, and it lets them know when they should check out the app or go shopping.

Always Connected

Benefits to the Business

Aside from apps, one of the essential tools you have for marketing is social media. It can be a method to drastically improve your reach and create more engagement with your customers.

So why not integrate that into your app. Give your customers easy access to social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Including social media makes your app more alive, but it also gives your customers a chance to learn more about your company and provides organic traffic to social media.

Apps can also provide users with some additional methods to interact. Some apps even offer exclusive abilities such as being able to directly communicate with members of the company

Some methods that people use to connect apps with social media include:

Benefits to the Customer

Although websites remain an essential part of marketing, they are not nearly as innovative as before. Their primary purpose is to be an information hub rather than a market.

For that reason, social media is now becoming the place to connect with customers. An app that can connect the different social media platforms hits two birds with one stone, and it can remain the information hub that a website should be but still creates a buzz and customer engagement.

Unlike social media, though, this is all in one place, instead of a dozen platforms.

Sell Products

Benefits to the Business

An app is the best way to go if you are selling physical products. Dozens of big retail companies have apps to make shopping easier for your phone, and they want the process to become straightforward.

You should join that bandwagon and offer online purchases straight from your app. As customers get more used to the ease of shopping online, you can’t afford to make the process difficult for them.

Using an app builds the usage around what they want, making them more inclined to stick around.

You can make a unique system that makes you stick out or build your system around existing platforms. You can learn a lot from outlets such as Amazon or Shopify.

We can integrate an existing shopping cart system into your app, or create a brand new one from scratch. Including integrations with Shopify, Magneto, Volusion, Big Commerce and MORE.

Benefits to the Customer

For many people, the promise of being able to buy things without the hassle of physical stores is liberating. They no longer have to worry about long lines, crowded places, or shopping hassles.

Using computers can get everything they want without leaving the bed. The selection of items is also much better because you can get anything worldwide. A service like this can be a godsend for users who just want things quickly.

Live Information

Benefits to the Business

One of the main selling points of apps is their ability to provide regular updates about your business. You can place store hours, menus, product lists, sales, and promos. Whatever you want your customers to know, you can let them know on the app with the snap of your fingers.

However, unlike websites, you can directly let app users know about these things. That gives a sense of personalization that will increase their engabment. Whatever the customer hears, they get it instantly, which means they can react quickly.

For you, it has the advantage of social media marketing because of how up-to-date the information is. Aside from the updates, they can also check all the information you have ready there for them to examine.

If you can get your app to go viral, it can be a massive leap in your reach and profits. The advantage of social media here is that you have control of everything in your app.

Giving you the ability to make your app go viral… expanding its reach, growing your customer base and increasing your profits.

Benefits to the Customer

The advantage of the app is that whenever your customers have a question about your business, they have the answer right on their phone. They don’t need to Google it or check social media since you simplified the process even more.

By just opening up the app, they can access whatever information they want. This is where the “live” feeling comes in handy because they can view everything from the latest updates.


Benefits to the Business

The apps for your business aren’t just meant to inform readers, you can also use them to show off. If you are proud of your business, you shouldn’t be afraid to brag a little. When events are around the corner or new updates on your products, you can use the app to let people know.

When you’re not showing new deals, you can post about behind-the-scenes stuff or accomplishments of your business. The advantage of an app is that you have way more variety for what you talk about. You can put things like podcasts, galleries, blogs, etc.

Posts like this can impress your customers and keep them interested in your brand, and it might make them more willing to share and post it to their friends.

Posting content like this can add more credibility to your brand either because of accomplishments or showing transparency. Whatever the case, it can help increase your customer base.

We provide an extremely easy to use control panel that you can login too whenever you like and add as many updates as you wish (big or small).

Benefits to the Customer

If Steady and consistent content is the key, steady and consistent content is the key if you want your brand to remain well known. For customers, they live in a world that’s constantly generating the content, and people are always posting and expect nothing less from your business.

This works in your best interest because people want to consume more content. With an app, you can provide them with multiple mediums of content. Showing off also means that you have more variety. When you’re not showing a new sale, you can show a recent award.

By providing them with something to satisfy that hunger, you can keep customers coming back to you. Additionally, content like this also gives them something they can share on social media, and things like that can make them feel proud of supporting your brand.

Reward Loyalty

Benefits to the Business

It’s not just getting customers that matters, and it’s also keeping them coming back. Most businesses only survive because they keep their customers coming back, and that is why brand loyalty is such an essential thing for business.

With an app, you have the means to identify and reward customers who are loyal to you. Things like special discounts and promos from using the app are common examples. Companies can do this after a customer accomplishes a specific task like spending a certain amount or sharing content.

In-app coupons also incentivize them to remain with you and not customers because it gives them an investment. They will keep coming back to get more rewards in the future.

Encouraging your customers to keep visiting YOU (and NOT your competitors), spending money in YOUR store (and NOT your competitors) AND filling in YOUR digital loyalty coupons (and NOT your competitor’s paper based coupons).

Benefits to the Customer

The biggest thing customers get from this are the rewards. These are two-fold in ensuring loyalty. By giving prizes, they have more reason to stick around since they can potentially earn more, and they can only use those here. Aside from that, they get the affirmation from being seen as a valuable member of the community.

Both of these will have them sticking around to try to get more in the future because it creates a positive feedback loop.


Benefits to the Business

Probably the biggest thing that got people to turn away from regular retail is the convenience of online shopping. Why bother going out to buy something when you can just order it online?

With an app, they have access to everything they need, such as reviews, prices, product lists, etc. You have this without requiring them to keep finding the website and logging in, and they can access all of that from their phones in a matter of seconds.

In some cases, you can even offer promos and discounts unique to your app, providing more incentives. In short, they have to spend less time looking and more time buying.

The second benefit is by establishing yourself on the app stores early (i.e. before your competition), you’ll fair a far better chance of being at the top of all future search results (within the app stores and search engines). Helping you dominate your industry and ensure the future success of your business.

Benefits to the Customer

Everything about the benefits above is about convenience in some way, shape, or form. The purpose of an app for customers is to make their shopping easier. Online shopping is so popular because it takes all the hassle from regular shopping. You can do things at your own pace with all the information you need.

The process goes from hours before to just a few minutes since everything is accessible in your app. Customers can buy online, but they can also pay and read reviews on the platform. All of this makes the process quick, which leaves customers coming back.


Future Proof

Benefits to the Business

In the past decade, digital marketing has changed. People are switching to mobile devices from desktop content. While a website might be impressive a decade ago, it’s now pretty unremarkable.

As more people rely on mobile devices more than computers, businesses have to adapt to those trends. More searches, purchases, and bookings are made on mobile every year. It is simply the way of the future and something you can’t ignore.

App-making tools are becoming more competitive, but so far only a few businesses are investing in them. That means it is the perfect time for you to invest in making an app while the market is still tiny.

With that in mind, you can ensure the security of your business’s technology, at least in the near future.

They think about your business (or services)… they pull out their phone… hit an icon… and BOOM! They’re inside your business… and everything they need is at their fingertips. No matter WHERE or WHEN!

Benefits to the Customer

The significant advantage to customers is that you appeal to their needs by investing in apps. Customers are already shifting to mobile devices, and having an app provides them with tools and innovation to make that easier.

By providing access to your business in such an easy and convenient way … makes your customers decision to use your business just as EASY!

It's time to stand out

And Attract More Customers