How to Restore SEO After Site Neglect

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In the world of SEO, you need to constantly update and improve your website to ensure it performs well with the search engine algorithm. That is easier said than done, though, and many business owners don’t have the time to keep working on it. If you do find yourself falling behind, there are still ways to catch up and reclaim your top ranking position with search engines. With the help of SEO experts like Local Internet Space, we can revamp and reorganize your website to make it competitive once again.

Why Would You Fall Behind In SEO?

The truth is no one ever intends to fall behind in SEO, but it happens to almost all companies. The usual reasons are small things that build up over time that cause your performance to slip.

Many companies simply don’t have the resources to maximize their SEO potential. Meanwhile, others find a strategy they like and stick with it while neglecting new developments. Others still may not have enough skilled SEO teams to help them. Regardless of the reasons, it is pretty standard, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. What matters is you check up on it regularly and make adjustments.

What Can Local Internet Space Do For You?

Study Competitors

If competitors perform better than you, Local Internet Space will analyze their content and figure out what allowed them to succeed. From there, we apply some of these SEO practices to boost your performance.

Of course, if you want to get ahead, you can’t just mimic what other people are doing. To beat them, you need to develop your strategy. However, this data is still valuable as it can show you all the things you can consider and what might appeal to the algorithm, and it should serve as your base for improving your SEO.

Study Your Own Analytics

Aside from just studying your competitors’ content, it is also essential to look at your pages. While your pages might be struggling, they might not be struggling equally. Some parts can be pretty healthy, while others are getting no traffic. Because of that, it is essential to look into your content and separate those two.

Here you can see what you were doing right and improve what isn’t working. Sometimes you might have keywords or types of content that better engage your audience than others. If that is the case, you should invest more in those areas to make up for your SEO shortcomings.

Once you have an idea of your content, be sure to categorize it, so it is easy to break down your content and implement changes accordingly.

Find New Keywords

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your SEO ranking is to find new keywords. Odds are one reason you’re starting to fall behind because the keywords you’re using might not be as effective anymore. How effective keywords are regularly shifted, so have you made a concerted effort to stay on top. Make sure to keep a list of possible keywords and update it.

Finding a few new keywords every once in a while keeps your content fresh, and it can also cause many changes to how well your pages perform in the search engine. Just be sure you are searching in the right places for keywords.

Update Your Links

One of the best ways to score well on your SEO is by having reliable links on your page. Backlinks give some interconnectedness to your content and those of the rest of the internet. Like keywords, though, these can become outdated. Websites shut down or change domains all the time, sometimes without you realizing it. Your links won’t take your users anywhere and become outdated when that happens.

Having poor links like that can harm your content ranking. As a result, you have to make sure all your links are still usable and update them if they are not. These updates can also be an opportunity even to improve your backlinks.

You can replace old links with links to better websites. Aside from just quantity, the quality of links also matters. Links to reputable or well-known websites like Wikipedia are excellent at improving your SEO score.

Revamp Your Strategy

There are some cases where the issue isn’t something wrong with your website. You could already have the winning strategy, and your content is just as solid as always. Perhaps the most significant change is with the SEO algorithm. Like any other business, Google updates its algorithm, affecting your performance.

That is why Local Internet Space regularly checks with Google and other search engines to see any changes in how they function. If there are, you need to revamp your strategy in response to these changes. With that, you can make your content more competitive while still maintaining quality.

Use SEO Tools

Of course, all of this can mean a lot of work on your part. The advantage is that you don’t have to do it all manually. SEO is a big market, and many developers are starting to catch on to it. As a result, there are plenty of applications and extensions that you can use to make the process more efficient.

Many of these programs allow you to easily track changes, research keywords or see how your competitors are doing. Having a good combination of these on top of your regular content can make formulating a strategy much more efficient.

Trust the SEO Santa Barbara experts

The only thing left is to take action, by jumping in and doing the research to update your SEO strategy. Or you can contact Local Internet Space and our internet marketing services team with any questions you have regarding improving your website ranking. Our experts spend all day everyday studying SEO so were able to provide better faster results.  Saving you time and money. We’re excited to help improve your visibility, leads, and sales, so call us right away for a free consultation


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