What website metrics are you tracking for your business?

If that question just sent a little jolt through you, you aren’t alone. Many small business owners simply create their website and leave it be, never checking on its performance. And this is a big mistake.

The key to success is in the data, and if you’re not tracking it, how will you know what’s happening with your website traffic or conversions? Of course, it isn’t as simple as looking at the data; you need to know which website metrics to track. Here are the three website traffic metrics we suggest you keep an eye on.

Number of Visitors
Perhaps the most important website metric is how many visitors you are getting. Without visitors, you don’t have data to analyze and you lack the potential to turn clicks into profit. In order for any other website metric to matter, you need a solid number of visitors each month.

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Bounce Rate
Another one of the most important web metrics is your bounce rate. This is the rate at which users who visit your site end up leaving without making any meaningful interactions, such as signing up for your email list or making a purchase. You calculate your bounce rate by determining the percentage of total visitors who “bounce.”

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Session Duration
It is important that your visitors take the right actions, but also critical is how long they stay on your site. The session duration metric looks at how long visitors spend on your site on average. Why should you look at this and bounce rate? Because the longer someone spends on your site, the more likely they are to make multiple purchases. So while bounce rate determines if they take meaningful action, sessions duration is an indicator of how likely they are to come back and take another.

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When it comes to your online presence, you’ll find that website metrics are a key component of success. By understanding how people interact with your site and what they do once they land on the page, you can begin targeting campaigns for increased conversion rates.

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