Great Eastern Radio Station Mobile App

Increase your radio station revenue by adding Improving your mobile app

Improving your mobile app offers numerous advantages. It extends your station’s reach, allowing listeners to tune in from anywhere, transcending the limitations of traditional broadcasting. An app enhances engagement by incorporating interactive features, fostering a better sense of community among listeners. Adding business information, events and deals will keep your brand front and center with your listeners throughout the day, not just during specific broadcast hours. Finally, it opens up new revenue streams through advertising opportunities and premium subscription models, making the radio station financially sustainable in a digital age.

Upgrading Your Great Eastern Mobile App

Users can download a single app then choose their favorite station, like you already have set up. A modern upgrade is needed to add all the new features. The homepage can be setup similarly with the main goal to make everything simple to navigate. The listeners can choose what they are most interested in. This page can be custom to your station and provide whatever options are the most important.  Some options might include: 

  • Featured Local Businesses: Ford is probably paying extra to have this featured placement. The easiest way to add additional revenue is to add more featured businesses and charge extra for these placements.  We can have as many as needed. 

Every aspect of the app will be controlled, updated, and ran through a simple website dashboard.

Radio Station APP image

An easy to navigate menu will increase the listeners engagement. This page can be custom to your station and provide whatever options are the most important.  Some options might include: 

  • Live Show: One click to listen to the live broadcast
  • Contests: A quick easy way for your listeners to enter regular contests.
  • Businesses: This is the business directory that you can see below
  • Deals: Provide a place for local businesses to give deals that can be tracked
  • Events: Showcase all the local events, and become the most used app to see what’s happening in your city.
  • News: show the latest most important new
  • Past Shows: A library of all your past shows
  • Alerts: Anything that is urgent to know in your community
  • Featured Local Businesses: The easiest way to add additional revenue is to charge for these placements.  We can have as many as needed.

Every aspect of the app will be controlled, updated, and ran through a simple website dashboard.

great eastern Radio Station mobile app

After a user chooses the station, we recommend providing additional value to the advertisers. The user can still view radio information, be we can also provide an image or video showcasing an advertisers brand. 

  • Radio: All the information needed to share the radio program.
  • Featured Business: Showcase the brand that is being advertised throughout the entire listening experience. She section with the truck image can be video or image.
  • Additional Featured Businesses: We can provide more featured businesses below the others for additional revenue.

We can customize this everything to ensure added benefit your the advertisers and users.

Below we will see parts of a mobile app we’ve already developed for a co-operative direct mail company.


The directory page will showcase the different categories for users to quickly choose what they are most interested in. 

Users can search for a businesses in a specific city or a business by name. We can quickly ad or change categories.

Category Search

When the user clicks on a category they will see the businesses that are near them first, and they’re able to scroll through and click on the business they’re interested in to get additional information.

What you will see in the category section:

  • Business Logo
  • Business Name
  • City (or full address)
  • Miles from your current location
publication app

Business Profile Section

Each business will have a profile page with all the necessary information about their business. The business owner will have the ability to add or change all the information.  They can add coupons and events.

What you will see in the business profile section:

  • Overview
  • Address
  • Website
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Hours
  • Coupons
  • Events
  • PDF to Download (menu etc.)
  • Videos

Events Section

Scroll through different events listed by the event date, showing the event that is closest to the current date. Click on the heart to save the event.  Click on see more to view additional details.

What you will see in the events section:

  • Business Logo
  • Date Of Event
  • Event Title
  • Showtime
  • See More

Coupons Section

Scroll through different coupons for many businesses. This gives the user the ability to quickly scroll through coupons to see all the different types. 

What you will see in the coupon section:

  • Business Logo
  • Coupon Title
  • Coupon Details
  • Heart (to save the coupon)
  • See More

The see more section will show all the additional information about the coupon like if they can only be used in a certain way. The user can also redeem the coupon here.

publishing app redeem section

Saved Section

Users can save coupons and events.  They can see all the saved items in the more section.  Once they have saved the coupons or events they can quickly view them and redeem them.  Once the coupon is redeemed it will disappear from the user’s phone.

Businesses can choose how often the coupon regenerates.  If a business owner wants the coupon to be available every month they choose 30 days so the coupon would show up on the app 30 days after they redeem the coupon.

instantly Increase revenue with an app

Great Eastern Radio is the perfect fit to upgrade your app to quickly increase revenue. An updated app will provide an additional place for your advertisers to showcase their brand. You can become the community leader.  The place to go for all local business information, deals, events, contests and news.