Best Coupons Magazine Mobile App

Instantly increase revenue with a Mobile App

Imagine increasing your revenue without needing to spend more on additional pages. Since you’ve already developed business relationships for many years, adding a mobile app, provides one more place to promote local businesses.  You can charge extra for businesses to be featured in the app, or just raise your prices because you’re providing an easier way to bring new business to your current customers. 

The homepage will showcase the different categories that you choose.  The main options on the bottom of the page are to quickly navigate to the main different sections: 

  • Directory: You can choose any category and have as many as you would like.
  • Events: Enter events or allow businesses to enter them.
  • Deals: They show up based on how location.
  • Giving: A list of charities and options to donate.
  • Giveaway: Different products businesses can promote.
  • More: Users can like different deals or events so they can quickly find them.  All of your user information and preferences can also be changed in this section.

Every aspect of the app will be controlled, updated, and ran through a simple website dashboard.

Below we will see additional details about each section of the app

This is one way to build the app, everything can be customizable to meet your needs

Category Search

When the user clicks on a category they will see the businesses that are near them first, and they’re able to scroll through and click on the business they are interested in to get additional information.

What you will see in the category section:

  • Business Logo
  • Business Name
  • City (or full address)
  • Miles from your current location
publication app

Business Profile Section

Each business will have a profile page with all the necessary information about the business. The business owner will have the ability to add/change all the information.  They can add coupons and events.

What you will see in the business profile section:

  • Overview
  • Address
  • Website
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Hours
  • Coupons
  • Events
  • PDF to Download (menu etc.)
printing app events section

Events Section

Scroll through different events listed by the event date, showing the event that is closest to the current date. Click on the heart to save.  Click on see more to view additional details.

What you will see in the events section:

  • Business Logo
  • Date Of Event
  • Event Title
  • Showtime
  • See More
Coupon app page

Coupons Section

Scroll through different coupons for many businesses. This gives the user the ability to quickly scroll through coupons to see all the different types. 

What you will see in the coupon section:

  • Business Logo
  • Coupon Title
  • Coupon Details
  • Heart (to save the coupon)
  • See More

The see more section will show all the additional information about the coupon like if they can only be used in a certain way. The user can also redeem the coupon here.

publishing app redeem section

Saved Section

Users can save coupons and events.  They can see all the saved items in the more section.  Once they have saved the coupons or events they can quickly view them and redeem them.  Once the coupon is redeemed it will disappear from the user’s phone.

Businesses can choose how often the coupon regenerates.  If a business owner wants the coupon to be available every month they choose 30 days so the coupon would show up on the app 30 days after they redeem the coupon.

instantly Increase revenue with an app

The Best Coupons Magazine is the perfect fit to add an app. Provide an additional place for your advertisers to showcase their brand, and an easier way to redeem coupons